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The Solana Foundation has recently taken decisive action by removing a group of validator operators from its delegation program due to their involvement in sandwich attacks against users. This move, aimed at safeguarding the integrity and security of the network, underscores the foundation’s commitment to maintaining a fair and secure ecosystem for all participants.

What is a sandwich attack? Why is it dangerous for Solana Foundation?

To fully understand the gravity of the situation, it is essential to understand what sandwich attacks are. Sandwich attacks are a form of market manipulation in cryptocurrencies and decentralized exchanges (DEX). In a sandwich attack, a malicious actor observes a pending transaction on the blockchain and inserts two transactions: one before and one after the observed one. The goal is to exploit the price fluctuations caused by the original transaction to make a profit. In other words, the malicious actor “inserts” their transactions “around” the target transaction, hence the term “sandwich”.

The Solana Foundation has discovered that some validators in its delegation program were actively participating in these sandwich attacks. This behavior not only undermines users’ trust in the network, but also goes against the rules and principles established by the foundation itself.

The foundation acted quickly to remove these validators, emphasizing that such harmful practices will not be tolerated. This decision was made in line with the policies of the Solana Foundation, which prohibit any activity that could damage the integrity of the network or disadvantage users. The removal of these operators not only protects users but also serves as a warning to other validators who might consider similar practices.

The importance of the delegation program

The delegation program of the Solana Foundation is a crucial element of the Solana ecosystem. It allows stakers to delegate their SOL tokens to trusted validators, thus contributing to the security and decentralization of the network. The validators, in turn, earn rewards for their work in validating transactions and maintaining the network.

However, trust is a fundamental component in this system. Stakers must be able to trust that the validators are operating honestly and transparently. The actions of the Solana Foundation demonstrate that the organization is willing to take rigorous measures to maintain this trust, ensuring that only validators who adhere to the rules and ethical principles can participate in the delegation program.

The removal of validators involved in sandwich attacks has several implications for the Solana community. Firstly, it strengthens security and trust in the network. Users can be certain that the foundation will closely monitor the behavior of validators and take action against any malicious activity.

Secondly, this action can encourage other validators to maintain high ethical standards, knowing that their actions will be monitored and that any misconduct will not be tolerated. This can lead to a healthier and more responsible community of validators, further improving the stability and reputation of the Solana network.


The decision by the Solana Foundation to remove validators involved in sandwich attacks from the delegation program is a clear signal of its commitment to the security and integrity of the network. This move protects users from harmful practices and strengthens trust in the Solana ecosystem. In a rapidly evolving sector like that of cryptocurrencies, transparency and decisive action are fundamental to maintaining a safe and reliable environment.

The Solana Foundation has demonstrated its willingness to take the necessary measures to ensure that the network remains a fair place for all participants, sending a strong message to the entire community: manipulation and harmful practices will not be tolerated. With this action, the foundation not only protects its users but also contributes to building a safer and more transparent future for the entire blockchain ecosystem.

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